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The sixties


The sixties: Every revolutionary journey begins with the first ste

Machines that could both sort individual parts and introduce them into the production process with the correct orientation were just an unrealized dream until sortimat came along. The company was an instant hit: In 1960, sortimat, along with its new co-owner Heinz Sommerfeld, moved into what had been a joiner's workshop and in 1964 relocated to the first building on today's main site. By the end of the decade, sortimat employed 60 people and made the momentous decision to produce the first assembly machines for disposable syringes.

The new decade was eventful: the contraceptive pill ushered in the era of effective family planning. The western world watched in horror as the Berlin Wall was built in 1961. Mary Quant’s daring mini skirt took the fashion world by storm, and the swinging sixties began as the Beatles left Liverpool for the bright lights of London. In 1964, Martin Luther King's dream earned him the Nobel Peace Prize, and Christian Bernard performed the first heart transplant in 1967. But it was the late sixties that made the decade something to remember: Neil Armstrong made his "one giant leap for mankind" on the moon and Woodstock became the musical highlight of the flower-power generation.

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