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The seventies


The seventies: Winnenden goes global

sortimat assembly machines began to make waves internationally and established a reputation worldwide: Eight machines were shipped to Hong Kong for the assembly of watch springs, and 24 machines were installed in Russia for the manufacture of lipstick. Despite the oil crisis in 1973, the orders came flooding in - from Israel, South Africa, Venezuela and Columbia. Meanwhile, France, Italy and the Soviet Union had become firmly established export markets. An overflow volume of orders were putting a strain on capacity.

In 1970, the music world lost an idol when Jimi Hendrix died and in 1972 the VW Beetle was the globe's best-selling car. In 1974, a nineteen-year-old Bill Gates founded Microsoft with Paul Allen, and Richard Nixon was brought down by the Watergate affair. Erich Honecker became leader of the East German Communist Party and two years later the world's Catholic population was stunned when a Pole became pope. The sun set on the seventies as Mother Theresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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