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The new millennium: The future has already begun

Think global, act local: an increase in international sales enabled sortimat to expand. In 2000, sortimat built an additional 1,600 square-meter production facility, and soon after, enlarged the technology design offices by 1,300 square meters.

And new products set new standards. In 2003, sortimat further developed its feeder technology, and produced the step feeder followed in 2004 and 2005 by drum feeders, shaft feeders and tray handlers. In 2004, sortimat introduced the standard rotary indexing table, Discovery, to the market. This was followed in 2005 by Spaceline, the cutting-edge inline transfer system.

And sortimat continued to grow through the addition of new sites. sortimat had held a stake in the Indian automation-technology specialist Protos since 1997, and in 2005, it increased its holding to 60 percent. Under the new name of sortimat Technology Pvt. Ltd, the company set a course for further expansion in India to gain a share in burgeoning markets.

In 2006, sortimat established a subsidiary – sortimat Technology Handling Systems GmbH & Co. KG. At a new site in Villingen-Schwenningen, Baden-Württemberg, the company began the development, design and production of industrial handling systems. The first solution in the portfolio was the sortimat tray handler.

Technically speaking, the new millennium actually began at the beginning of 2001, but was still celebrated in 2000. As midnight approached, the world waited anxiously but unnecessarily for computers to crash as the date changed. In 2001, the terror attacks on the World Trade Centershockingly displayed the vulnerability of Western civilization. In 2002, the euro was introduced.Arnold Schwarzenegger become Governor of the State of California in 2003. In the light of the floods in eastern Germany and eastern Europe in 2002, and the tsunami in East Asia in 2004, the world pulled together to provide aid and support to the victims. In 2005, Joseph Ratzinger become the new Pope Benedict XVI. In 2008, election of Barack Obama to the presidence of the United States.

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