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ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.
In June 2010, the sortimat Group joined Canadian based ATS Automation, a world leader in industrial automation. Serving the life sciences, transportation, energy, and consumer markets, ATS has experience integrating over 15,000 high performance automation systems ranging from prototype machines to precision multi-station assembly systems to factory-wide automation solutions. With 23 facilities worldwide and a highly skilled workforce of 3,500 employees, ATS has the experience, innovation, scale, and global presence to support you in achieving your manufacturing goals.
What’s the story behind sortimat? Which products started the ball rolling? Find out how sortimat has evolved since its foundation in 1959.
Our philosophy
The name sortimat is synonymous with excellency. Our systems are high-quality and cost-effective, designed to bring maximum benefit to our customers. And we maintain our leading position as a supplier to the medical and pharmaceutical industries though the ongoing development of new technologies.
From sites in Germany and the US, sortimat delivers products across the globe. Contact details and directions to sortimat sites.
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