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sortimat tray handlers Clearliner for Euro/ISO pallets


Ideal for Euro/ISO pallets. And for your products.

sortimat offers two handling systems for Euro/ISO pallets: the Clearliner 800 (for pallets up to 800 mm) and Clearliner 1000 (for pallets up to 1000 mm). These solutions include loading units that remove trays from pallets, and pick-and-place units that remove components from trays. The handlers are available both with and without a dedicated conveyor. Moreover, they can be optionally constructed for cleanrooms of up to class 10000 (ISO 7).

sortimat Clearliner 1000 S1)

Tray processing time:

> 10 sec

Conveyor system:

Euro/ISO pallets


3300 x 2500 x 2700 mm

Tray size:

300 x 400 up to 600 x 800 mm

Height of tray stack:

max. 1.200 mm

Tray weight:

up to 30 kg

Pick-and-place time:

< 3 sec.

Scope of application:

Universal. Ideal for machines with short cycle times

1) S: speed

sortimat tray handlers Clearliner for Euro/ISO pallets