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Our products


Whether you require a handling system for trays or pallets – we have the high-performance answer to your needs. We also offer comprehensive consulting services, help design your trays, tailor standard units to your exact requirements, and provide accessories. To find out how we can meet your unique requirements – contact us.


sortimat tray handlers Clearliner

Truly cost-effective solutions are standardized – while at the same time tailored to unique customer requirements. Our standard universal tray handler is available for two different tray designs. And in the version best suited to your needs.

sortimat tray handlers Clearliner for Euro/ISO pallets

To meet the challenges – and standards – of the international logistics industry, sortimat offers handling systems for Euro/ISO pallets. Choose from normal or speed versions, according to your needs.

sortimat tray-lifting device

We designed the sortimat trolley to help you move tray stacks quickly and easily around the production room.