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Add-on technologies


At sortimat, we make sure our standard handling systems are tailored to your processes. We create flexible, versatile solutions by integrating add-on technologies according to your requirements.


Parts handling

By turning, pivoting, orienting and weighing parts, we make sure they’re fed efficiently – the right way up, to the right place.

Testing and inspection

Our vision systems precisely measure and sort components. As a result, good parts are sent on to the next machine, while unsuitable parts are removed from the process. That means uninterrupted production – and higher quality products.

Labeling and printing

We’ll help you ensure parts are properly sorted, picked and documented. We’ll implement barcode and other printers in to the production process.


A whole host of functions – in a single device. Innovative integrated PLCs enable you to control downstream processes via the tray handler.


But that’s not all. We offer a whole host of other add-on technologies.
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