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Handling technology


sortimat has long been a leading player in the feeder-technology space: delivering rapid, precise systems for feeding all parts that fall or tumble. And now, through our Handling Systems business, we offer solutions for an even wider range of tasks: our machines are designed for components that can’t be fed in a conventional way. The first product in our portfolio is the tray handler Clearliner trays or Euro/ISO pallets. Featuring a modular design, it’s volume produced – and extremely cost effective.

We test each and every module in detail. As a result, you receive a complete system that’s proven, reliable, meets all your requirements – and much more besides. And if that wasn’t enough, our standard solutions have a lead time of around just ten weeks.

What’s more, just like our assembly technology, our handling systems Clearliner are available in special versions for cleanroom deployment.

Our products
Whether you require a handling system for trays or pallets – we have the high-performance answer to your needs.
Add-on technologies
At sortimat, we make sure our standard handling systems are tailored to your processes. We create flexible, versatile solutions by integrating add-on technologies according to your requirements.
Markets & customers
Efficient production processes require highly efficient handling systems. And that’s exactly what sortimat delivers. We combine our skills in assembly, feeder and handling technology
We’ll provide you with services and support - ensuring your handling system keeps running as efficiently as it did on day one.