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sortimat bowl feeders


Universal. Flexible. Reliable.

sortimat bowl feeders store, convey, sort and orient multiple parts of many shapes and sizeson an incline that spirals around the outside of the bowl. Bolted, interchangeable baffles make this an extremely flexible solution. The cylindrical bowl feeder is available in models SM 100–800, the spiral bowl feeder in models SMB 150-800, and the conical bowl feeder in models SMKF 150-800.

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sortimat SMIK bowl feeder with integrated vision system

The rapid SMIK bowl feeder with linear-array camera is the ideal solution when it is not possible to sort parts mechanically, or if a single unit is used to feed a number of diverse components. Incorrectly oriented parts are returned to the sorting process, and unsuitable parts leave the feeder, and good parts are correctly oriented. The system is self-teaching, and can also be set to capture data for quality assurance purposes.

Downloadable data sheet SMIK

sortimat bowl feeders