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sortimat Birkman feeder unit


A one-stop solution. Tried and tested. Cost-efficient.

This unique turnkey feeder is supplied ready-assembled and ready-to-go – just plug and play. The Birkman can be configured according to the task at hand, to include a bowl, step or drum feeder, a hopper system, a handling unit for transferring items to downstream systems, and a multicontroller. This is a one-stop solution, and we make sure that all the parts are compatible. So you can save as much as 30 percent of total overhead for engineering, assembly, programming and commissioning.

Downloadable data sheet Birkman

Downloadable specifications form


References for the Birkman system in the automotive industry

BMW V8 engine assembly
Bosch, Blaichach ABS assembly
Cooper Power Tools cylinder head assembly

DaimlerChrysler, Berlin



DaimlerChrysler, Untertürkheim

cylinder head assembly


Hyundai Motor Group

engine assembly


LSW Maschinenfabrik

feeding of components for ZF transmissions


VW China

engine assembly and valve keys


VW Kassel  

synchro rings


ZF Saarbrücken

transmission assembly


ZF Lenksysteme,
Schwäbisch Gmünd

axle assembly





sortimat Birkman feeder unit