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Conveyor systems


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Linear vibratory conveyors and shaft feeders are classic feeder units that move pre-sorted components along the production line. They are cost-effective, volume-made solutions that ensure high feeding speed and availability.


Linear vibratory conveyors
The linear vibratory conveyor provides a buffer between the feeder unit and the next machine in the process. It is robust, simple in design, guarantees high uptime and little wear and tear even under extreme conditions. Available models: SML 40, SML 80 / 300 – 1480.

Downloadable data sheet linear vibratory conveyors


Shaft feeders
The shaft feeder operates exceptionally smoothly, ensuring minimum wear and tear on components. It can be easily integrated into almost any production system thanks to the open design of the output section. The shaft length, shaft rotation speed, and degree of inclination depend on the manufacturing environment and the product itself.

Downloadable data sheet shaft feeders

Conveyor systems