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sortimat feeder technology

Take a look at our sorting, conveying and separating systems. We offer everything from bowl, step and drum feeders, to tray handlers Clearliner and end-to-end feeder units. All our products fulfil stringent international industry standards.


sortimat Birkman feeder unit

This unique turnkey feeder is supplied ready-assembled and ready-to-go – just plug and play.

sortimat bowl feeders

sortimat bowl feeders store, convey, sort and orient multiple parts of many shapes and sizes on an incline that spirals around the outside of the bowl.

sortimat step feeders

The sortimat step feeder is used for correctly orienting and transporting small and large parts to a production system. The individual components are separated as they progress up a series of steps, then oriented.

sortimat drum feeders

The drum feeder is an economical, space-saving solution for sorting products using multiple linear tracks. Particularly effective for the transport of small parts that easily become tangled or statically charged.

Conveyor systems

Linear vibratory conveyors and shaft feeders are classic feeder units that move pre-sorted components along the production line. They are cost-effective, volume-made solutions that ensure high feeding speed and availability.

Recharging systems

sortimat offers a range of solutions for the automatic recharging of sorting and feeding units. Large capacity, and low filling heights ensure process reliability and ease of use.

sortimat control systems

Each sortimat feeder system includes a control device tailored to the specific requirements of the application.

sortimat Clearliner

The economic, volume-produced sortimat Clearliner is the perfect addition for almost any feeder unit. Modular, standardized, and quick and easy to integrate.