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Feeder technology


sortimat began designing and manufacturing feeder systems over 50 years ago, and since then, we have become a leading feeder-technology provider both in Germany and across the world. Today, we offer a wide range of products - whatever the task, however complicated the part, we have the right solution.

Both our stand-alone and end-to-end feeder systems are reliable, cost-efficient and guarantee high output, low process downtime, and simple operation. For many years, we have been integrating our own feeder technology into our assembly machines to produce, for example, high-performance systems for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. As a result, you benefit from solutions that have been put through their paces under real-life conditions.

Our products
Take a look at our sorting, conveying and separating systems. We offer everything from bowl, step and drum feeders, to tray handlers Clearliner and end-to-end feeder units. All our products fulfil stringent international industry standards.
Innovation and production
Discover what makes sortimat feeder technology so exceptional - our 50 years’ experience, our innovative approach, and the reliability of our solutions.
Markets and customers
sortimat feeder systems are volume-produced, cost-effective, and suitable for the most complex, to the simplest of tasks. We provide an overview of market trends, and customer references.
We ensure the reliability of our tried-and-tested feeder units and systems through expert advice and assistance. Read more about our on-site engineering support, qualification and validation, and maintenance services.