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Resources of the human kind

As a global player, sortimat needs committed employees - like the 280 who already make our company such a resounding success. sortimat is the world’s No.1 provider of assembly systems for the manufacture of medical products. And we have also established ourselves as a leader in feeder systems for the automotive and engineering industries, and for the manufacture of plastic components, furniture, toys, bicycle components, and watch and clock parts. What’s more, at our handling-systems subsidiary, we develop, design and produce industrial solutions – opening the door to new and exciting opportunities in this up-and-coming segment.

sortimat operates in a highly competitive and dynamic high-tech sector. Against this background, employees need to be flexible and have a desire to constantly extend and refresh their skills. There’s always a different task or something new to test your ingenuity just around the corner.

We are looking for forward-thinking, innovative people to join our team. Are you up to the challenge?

Full-time positions
There are frequent job vacancies at sortimat. And we want the right people with the right qualifications to join our team. Take a look at the opportunities.
Where are you guaranteed a job after your apprenticeship? At sortimat. Discover our exciting training program.
Get to know sortimat – with no strings attached. We’ll help you get your foot on the career ladder.
Speculative applications
We are always impressed by enthusiastic people who have talent and can take the initiative. Even if you don’t see a job vacancy that suits you, tell us about your skills and abilities.