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Assembly technologies


An all-important feature of sortimat assembly platforms is their exceptional flexibility. Our solutions can be built and extended according to your unique requirements – including the integration of add-on technologies. We incorporate additional electrical or mechanical functions into your assembly system to create a made-to-measure solution. This means you save the significant cost and effort of constructing and commissioning your own solutions – and benefit from the high performance of our end-to-end turnkey systems.

Cutting, punching and pressing

Customers often require cutting, punching and pressing of metal and plastic products, such as filters, foils, films and sieves. This also includes removing parts from the die and transferring them to downstream processes. sortimat seamlessly and ...

Dosing and filling

sortimat offers a wide range of standardized solutions for complex dosing processes. Adhesives, solvents, and silicon oils can be precisely dosed, applied in the form of a line, or to a particular point or surface. For microdosing of liquid reagents ...

Feeder technology

Whatever your needs when it comes to feeder technology, sortimat delivers the ideal solution. And because we manufacture feeder units in-house, they are designed for seamless integration with our assembly platforms. sortimat bowl, step and drum ...

Hot sealing

Heated stamps place foils of various sizes onto products with a high degree of accuracy. Stations are designed and built in accordance with the material being used. This process requires especially precise parameters: temperature, pressure, and the ...



Labeling is a process that many customers require. And sortimat offers a wide range of standardized solutions for applying labels to products of all shapes and sizes. Where required, we can incorporate a printing system and vision checks into your ...

Marking and printing

sortimat offers a range of conventional and innovative printing, marking and stamping technologies: Hot-foil printers, laser marking machines, and offset, inkjet or pad-printing systems.


sortimat offers primary packaging machines (e.g. for blister and tube packaging), and secondary units for placing products in cartons. And we guarantee seamless integration into your assembly system – ensuring uninterrupted, rapid, efficient ...

Paper banding

Coiled tubes are banded with paper in three simple steps. First, the strip of paper is placed in the nest. Second, the coiled tube is positioned on the paper in the nest. Third, the ends of the bands are glued in place around the tube.


Achieve complete visibility into your process data and analyze the productivity of your system. If required, PLCs, such as the Siemens S7 or Allen Bradley CLX, can be connected to process-data capture systems via Ethernet interfaces.


Our integrated screwing unit performs all screwing tasks reliably and with great precision. This technology uses servomotors for a high degree of accuracy, including defined torque, depth and angle.

Testing and inspection

There are two main types of testing/inspection systems, contact and non-contact, and the products you manufacture will determine which one you use. These systems enable you to check the dimensions, presence, and position of parts. If required, ...

Tip forming

Tips are formed by means of a high-frequency generator. A mold is placed over the tip of the catheter, and this is then pressed into shape with a force of 26 g.


Tube coiling

Our tube-coiling station is exceptionally flexible – tubes can be coiled in a variety of different ways, and cut to various lengths. The station can process a wide range of products, from heparin tubes, to corrugated urinary catheters, with small, ...

Vision systems

Cutting-edge vision systems can be integrated into the assembly process for performing visual quality checks. These solutions comprise a camera, lighting, and software to precisely analyze the captured image. If required, glass nests can also be ...


Ultrasonic welding is a sophisticated and complex process. And when it comes to integrating this technology into your assembly system, we work hand in hand with the manufacturers of the corresponding equipment. If required, we can also add a layer ...