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Building a strong foundation for future success

We believe in win-win relationships. And one of the keys to a mutually beneficial partnership is effective planning and pre-sales service. You require an assembly system that meets your unique needs – and we want to deliver the best, cost-efficient solution. In order to do this, good communication is essential – and that’s why we make sure expectations and specifications are clearly defined right from the start.


At an early stage, we provide a complete, tailor-made plan for each project, so that any problems can be systematically identified and rectified before they escalate. We offer a full range of basic and extra services geared to your specific needs.

Expert advice
The first step is always to define your requirements, consider which technologies best meet your specific needs, and to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

We carefully analyze your existing production resources, and assess the options open to you as regards assembly technology. We can also review your product design with a view to optimization for automatic assembly.

Feasibility studies
Where required, we conduct feasibility tests to determine whether, and how, your products can be automatically assembled.

We provide a detailed report that includes suggestions for, for example, how product design and production system can be best aligned.

Pre-sales service