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Keeping things running smoothly

sortimat service doesn’t end with the installation of your assembly system at your site. You continue to benefit from ongoing support – ensuring your systems operate reliably and deliver optimum productivity. We provide comprehensive training for your staff, complete maintenance services, and are on hand to rapidly adapt your systems for new tasks and products.

Contacts Service team


For correct, efficient operation of machines

For re-tooling for product changeovers

Regular and preventivemaintenance

Problem identification, reporting and analysis

Process data acquisition

Problem resolution

On the telephone, on-line (modem), and on-site

Guaranteed repair times

Maintenance services

Regular maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Optional 24-hour service contract

Customer-specific maintenance contracts with

  defined checklists and made-to-measure spare-part

Conversions and retrofits

Systems can be adapted to accommodate product

  design changes

Additional technologies can be integrated

Machines can be modified for new assembly tasks

More stations can be added

After-sales support