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sortimat – for more than just technology

At sortimat, we provide you with expert advice and assistance throughout the entire lifecycle: Plan. Build. Run. In other words, from the moment you opt for one of our assembly systems, you benefit from a full range of high-quality services: From design and construction, through to installation, commissioning, and ongoing day-to-day operation. Moreover, if your products or processes change, we can help you rapidly and reliably adapt your system to the new challenges.

Qualification and validation
sortimat assembly systems for pharmaceutical and medical-device manufacturers are supplied complete with the qualification documentation necessary for compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.
Pre-sales service
We ensure clarity in terms of expectations, technical specifications, and all aspects of feasibility from the very outset of each project.
After-sales support
We provide training, a variety of maintenance models, and spare parts. We make sure your assembly line delivers high uptime, high output, and high performance – ensuring reliable ongoing production.