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Project management


Best practices every step of the way

sortimat manufactures assembly solutions based on standard platforms – and tailors them to your unique requirements. To achieve lean production in conjunction with high quality, we need effective project management. For each project, we appoint a dedicated manager with overall responsibility for ensuring all tasks are performed on time, and to the highest standards. Each manager is supported by a team of specialists who work exclusively on their assigned project for its entire lifecycle.

Our approach is based on proactive risk management, and on a highly systematic methodology comprising 26 defined steps, with clear roles and responsibilities. This includes ongoing measurement and verification of a machine’s intended and actual performance – to ensure your sortimat solution functions as it should, and fulfils all your requirements (delta analysis). Moreover, we provide a unique qualification process, and an end-to-end quality management program with complete documentation of every project phase.

Key elements of the sortimat project-management process

Project management