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sortimat Jetwing


Fast. Flexible. Future-proof.

Jetwing is exceptionally versatile. This compact, linear assembly platform supports up to 12 stations and is ideal for the product development phase and assembling large quantities of products with short lifecycles. It is also capable of both semi- and fully-automatic assembly. What’s more, Jetwing’s modules can be easily integrated to create a system that’s as unique as your processes. You can combine the standard platform, functional stations, test/inspection and transfer modules via interfaces to create an end-to-end solution. This means that stations can be quickly retooled and new standard modules incorporated. So as a manufacturer, you can respond quickly to product design changes. Our customers often deploy Jetwings for multiple products.


Suitable for the product development phase or products with


short lifecycles



Compact design



Conversion from semi- to fully-automatic production for the manufacture


of larger quantities



Easy integration of manual stations, feeder units, or a sortimat tray handler



Twin drive: Combining a cam drive for stations with a servomotor drive


for advancing pallets



Indexed forwards movement of pallets in the assembly platform. Pallets


can be returned by means of a conveyor belt



Up to six Jetwings can be interlinked



Short lead times and rapid retooling



Integration of checks and vision systems, as well as tests for leakage


and dynamic pressure



Integration of a variety of additional technologies:


cutting, dosing, feeder solutions, hot sealing, labeling, marking, packaging,


paper banding, PLC's, punching and pressing, screwing, testing,


tube coiling, vision systems, welding

Technical data

12 assembly stations and up to 80 cycles per minute, infinitely variable


cycle speeds, multiple-track assembly possible



Positional accuracy: +/- 0.02 mm



Pallet dimensions: 100x100 mm and 200x100 mm



Indexing time only 0.2 seconds (with 100 mm feed)



Basic dimensions: 1120 x 1540 x 2300 mm


Suitable for cleanrooms up to class 10,000 / ISO 7.


Special versions available for higher-class





Easy process integration



Qualification according to GAMP 5 is possible, and


the technology required for compliance with

  21 CFR Part 11 can be provided

sortimat Jetwing