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sortimat end-to-end production systems


Turnkey efficiency

At sortimat, we take an end-to-end approach to production systems. Not only do we develop and manufacture all our solutions, including feeder units, in-house, we also ensure that they seamlessly integrate with each other. As a result, our assembly and feeder systems support the full range of production tasks, and offer unrivalled efficiency. What's more, we provide open interfaces to incorporate additional systems, such as for packaging and filling – offering extra flexibility.

End-to-end production lines comprising multiple sortimat systems are the ideal choice, and guarantee maximum output, efficiency and uptime. For example, you can interlink Jetwings, combine rotary indexing machines with Spaceline systems, and include sortimat feeders. Exceptionally high productivity is the result. Some of the benefits at a glance.

Lower costs for project planning, production planning, systems integration


and service



Seamlessly integrated turnkey solution – no need to coordinate multiple





Greater flexibility for product design changes



Standardized components mean fewer assembly steps and easier


harmonization of stations



Fewer nests for pre-assembly and final assembly



Increased productivity, reduced downtime, fewer delays between process

  steps, and less buffering between stations

sortimat end-to-end production systems