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sortimat Discovery


Rapid indexing. Precise. Versatile.

sortimat rotary indexing machines assemble market-ready products in large quantities and accommodate between 12 and 20 stations as standard. Rotary indexing technology is based on a reliable central cam drive for the precise assembly of complex parts. These versatile solutions can also be easily deployed in cleanrooms. Discovery is constructed according to your specific requirements using a standard platform. So you benefit from the combination of outstanding price, outstanding performance and a tailor-made answer to your needs. If you operate in the medical-device or pharmaceutical industries, Discovery can be qualified, and constructed for technical compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.


For the assembly of complex products



For market-ready products



For large quantities



Designed for easy access


Central cam drive



Integration of a variety of additional technologies:

  cutting, dosing, feeder solutions, hot sealing, labeling, marking, packaging,
  paper banding, PLC's, punching and pressing, screwing, testing,
  tube coiling, vision systems, welding

Technical data

12, 16 or 20 stations available as standard



Special versions available, such as two interlinked rotary indexing





Up to 12 tracks and 150 cycles per minute



PLC's: Siemens S7 or Allen Bradley CLX


Capable of operation in up to class 10,000 / ISO 7 cleanrooms.


Conversion for up to class 100 / ISO 5 is possible



Qualification according to GAMP 5 is possible, and the technology required


for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 can be provided

sortimat Discovery