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Our products


sortimat Spaceline

Spaceline, sortimat’s high-precision linear transfer assembly line, offers outstanding performance for the rapid assembly of complex products in large quantities.

sortimat Jetwing

Jetwing is exceptionally versatile. This compact, linear assembly platform supports up to 12 stations and is ideal for the product development phase and assembling large quantities of products with short lifecycles. It is also capable of both semi- ...

sortimat Discovery

sortimat rotary indexing machines assemble market-ready products in large quantities and accommodate between 12 and 20 stations as standard.

sortimat assembly systems for cleanrooms

Manufacturing under cleanroom conditions ensures that products are protected against contamination. This approach plays a vital role in medical technology, the pharmaceuticals and food industries, semi-conductor manufacturing and micro-assembly. ...

sortimat end-to-end production systems

At sortimat, we take an end-to-end approach to production systems. Not only do we develop and manufacture all our solutions, including feeder units, in-house, we also ensure that they seamlessly integrate with each other. As a result, our assembly ...