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Reference projects

Infusion products

Administration set for enteral nutrition

Infusion system for artificial nutrition



Seven individual components



25 parts/minute



Two interlinked linear transfer machines





Dosing of solvent, paper banding





Three tubes of different sizes to be coiled together, two tube ends to be simultaneously bonded




Butterfly set

For intravenous injection of fluids



Seven versions, various needle sizes and tube lengths


Nine individual components



120 parts/minute



Linear transfer and rotary indexing machines, four interlinked machines





Dosing of solvent, turning and siliconizing of needles, dosing and curing of glue, checking of flow and needle tips





Two different tube lengths, placing sets into packaging machine



Infusion port

Spike system connector is bonded into the infusion bag


Three individual components



120 parts/minute



Rotary indexing machine





Punching and pressing, heating of parts before pressing



Infusion set with Y-piece

Infusion system for fluids



Four versions, various tube lengths



Nine individual parts



45 parts/minute



Linear transfer, two interlinked machines





Tube coiling, dosing of solvent, paper banding



Three-way stopcock

Distribution fitting for infusion sets



Up to 20 different versions, one to four-way



Six individual components



100 parts/minute



Rotary indexing or linear transfer machine





Attachment of lid caps and stopcocks by means of screw action at accurate torque, exact dosing of silicon