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Welcome to sortimat - an ATS affiliate: Assembly systems and handling systems

For more than 50 years, sortimat Technology has provided the equipment and services to keep manufacturing companies at the cutting edge of innovation. We are a leading provider of assembly systems for the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, and a key player in the production handling systems for engineering companies.

In June 2010, the sortimat Group joined Canadian based ATS Automation, a world leader in industrial automation.  Serving the life sciences, transportation, energy, and consumer markets, ATS has experience integrating over 15,000 high performance automation systems ranging from prototype machines to precision multi-station assembly systems to factory-wide automation solutions. With 23 facilities and a highly skilled workforce of 3,500 employees worldwide, ATS has the experience, innovation, scale, and global presence to support you in achieving your manufacturing goals.


Assembly technology
We offer a wide variety of assembly technology: everything from semi-automatic assembly machines, to sophisticated end-to-end and fully-automatic assembly lines. Companies in over 40 countries use sortimat systems, mainly in cleanrooms, to manufacture their products. In fact, more than 2,500 of our machines are in action all over the world.
Feeder technology
sortimat also offers ground-breaking feeder technology in the shape of sorting, transporting, and separating systems. These range from bowl feeders, step feeders and linear vibratory conveyors, to tray handlers Clearliner, drum feeders, and the Birkman turnkey feeder system, complete with separator and pick-and-place units.
Handling technology
At our handling systems subsidiary in St. Georgen, Baden-Württemberg, we develop, design and build industrial handling solutions. The first products in our portfolio are standardized tray-handlers - sortimat Clearliner - with made-to-measure components and trays.